Angelo Mangiarotti never actively practiced product design per se but he was an excellent sculptor of natural stone

Form alone was what drove him; functionality was secondary, almost negligible

Agapecasa Company introduced its „Mangiarotti Collection“, for which 11 design objects were chosen from the realm of the famous Italian designer (1921-2012). Agapecasa’s technicians made a few „small technical variations“ to meet „the functional needs of our times“ according to the press release. However, the „authenticity“ of the objects was left unscathed.

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We grasp this occasion to dedicate a differentiated glance at Mangiarotti’s works in natural stone.

After all, product design, i.e. design meant for mass production, was not his field of action at least not in natural stone.

In fact, Angelo Mangiarotti was always an artist. No wonder then, that he dedicated his energy to sculpting in his final years after having intensively worked in sculpting already in the 1980ies.

When looking at his furniture through the eyes of an aesthetically conscious beholder, one must concede that the works are outstanding. They are impressive shapes with an incredible effect, able to light up an entire room.