Awi a high heaven for investment

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A high heaven for investors Awi abounds in a lot of investment opportunities conducive for rural and urban agriculture, mineral extraction and aggro-processing factories,among others. The Awi Nationality Zone so disclosed.

In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald Getachew Ayalew Investment Development Group leader within the zone’s Trade and Industry Development Office said that the locality’s weather condition is salubrious to harness natural resources easily. Based on this fact, the place is standing out a geographical region for animal husbandry, harvesting different crops and scouting for minerals to be tapped.

Regarding the ongoing investment activities, drawn by the bounty of the rural area a number of investors are developing about 11,393 hectares of land. They are investing money in billions. They have already created job opportunities for about 11,498 people, Getachew added.

As to Getachew, investors also hold about 205 thousand hectares of land in urban area and they are working on poultry, bee keeping and other urban agriculture.

According to him, there are some investors engaged in manufacturing and aggro-processing activities. Aggro-processing industries that use bamboo tree,wood and cotton, among others, are established in the zone by various investors.

“Ample are the opportunities to invest around this area. Investors will not face a challenge as they never stop short of aggro processing materials, replete in the area,” said Getachew adding “ Beer barley and other cereals thrive in the place.”

He further said, oil seeds, coffee,vegetables, and spices, among others,profusely grow in the zone.

Forest development and bamboo trees’ tending are among the allurements the zone portrays for investors. Attracting attention, specially the bamboo trees are now becoming sources of job opportunities for many .

Getachew also mentioned the presence of gold, marble, opal, coal, metal and other minerals in the zone. The availability of mineral as well as spring water are assured by experts.

A feasibility study will be conducted by the sector’s experts on other minerals, as Getachew said. Experts will assesses the quality and size of these wealth.

He went on to say, investors are now focusing more on farming. As such, there is a gap in manufacturing, mineral extraction and animal husbandry. The gap begs for a redressing task. Also there is a call for adopting a modern system. Lack of enough information and absence of infrastructural facilities to the required level around the place are factors that conspire to curtail the boom of investment in the zone,Getachew further noted.

Finaly Getachew pointed out investors could benefit a lot if they zoom their eyes towards the fallow lands of the zone.