Granite Najran: Creating investment opportunies – The products reach more than 28 countries
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The mountains of Najran Region have a national wealth of several mining sites from where the best kinds of granite can be extracted. This bounty contributed to creating investment opportunities with high economic returns and the products reach more than 28 countries in the world.

The raw granite extracted from Najran enjoys a big turnout globally for its high quality and beautiful colors, especially the brown color with its various shades ranging from light to dark and the cherry red color.

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The Bir Askar granite is among top sites for extracting granite, which is 13 kilometers to the northwest of Najran, and has rough alkaline feldspar granite with brown color and some black dots, which is used for decoration purposes that can be found over an area of 30 square kilometers.

The factories of the industrial city in Najran specialized in granite have contributed to employing a big number of Saudi personnel, whether at production lines or promoting the products nationally and internationally.

The end product is exported in the form of cut panels depending on the need of importing clients or companies, through the Saudi ports to various parts of the world.

During a tour by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) at the industrial city in Najran, the granite industry topped the scene, where Eng. Mani Abdullah Harkil, an investor in the granite field, noted that the industrial Najran city is a comprehensive estate in terms of the availability of area, roads and infrastructure services.

This encourages interested people to establish investment projects and attract investors due to what it enjoys of a close location to raw materials that are abundantly available in the area, mainly granite that Najran is known for at the local and international levels.

There are big reserves in mountainous areas in Bir Askar, Akfeh, Al-Husseinia, Dahdha and other mountains in the region, where this granite can be extracted and manufactured for long years to come.

The colors of granite in Najran are considered the brightest and among the highest quality at the global level, where this granite meets all global standards in terms of solidness, cohesion, color and ease of manufacture, in addition to having several marketing names.

The granite in Najran was used in several local projects, such as expansions of the Two Holy Mosques and other government schemes before it was used globally to reach Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, where the most known is Brown Najran and Violetta of the cherry red.

This is in addition to the pink, black and green colors. Also, almost all global exhibitions concerned with marble have this product with the name of Najran.