How to decor a contemporary-style setting with black marble

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The settings featuring a contemporary design have been more and more trending over the past few years: with their elegant charm, they’re particularly fitting for public areas, but especially the private, luxury ones.

In order to furtherly emphasize their beauty, you need to choose the right materials, and the one that stands out the most is undoubtedly black marble – versatile, elegant, and sophisticated both in its polished, bright finish and in its opaque one. The only detail you need to be careful about is a thoughtful usage of it, to avoid making the setting look too dark. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to make the best use of black marble and emphasize the beauty of a contemporary-style interior design.

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Black marble

The extraction of black marble mainly takes place in Africa, while in Europe most of the quarries are located in Spain, France, and Italy. The most famous varieties include:

  • Portoro Marble: also known as Portovenere marble, it is a variety of marble whose extraction takes place in the Ligurian province of La Spezia, and it’s characterized by unique golden veins. It is ideal for decor elements, coverings, and floorings.
  • Marquina Marble: a black type of marble with white veins, extracted in Spain. It’s extremely refined and used in floors, furniture, fireplaces, and bathroom décor elements.
  • Absolute Black Marble: born in South Africa, it’s black with white-greyish veins. It’s particularly resistant and, for this very reason, it’s used to build kitchen countertops, floors, and bathroom coverings.
  • Emperador Dark Marble: this black marble has no veins, and it’s particularly appreciated in outdoor decors.
  • Sahara Noir Marble: a black marble particularly appreciated for its linear white and golden veins. It is extracted in Tunisia and used for bathrooms, coverings, and floors.

Black marble in contemporary settings

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, when you use black marble, it’s vital to accurately match it with the rest of the contemporary décor, to avoid making the atmosphere look too dark and the spaces smaller and smaller. In the interior design field, it is widely used in floors, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room, other than in décor elements such as fireplaces and stairs.

Black marble pairs very well with wood, neutral tones, and also gold and silver, to give the setting a highly sophisticated look. Its most beloved finishes are the polished or opaque ones.

Black marble: uses and matchings

In a contemporary setting, black marble can be used in several areas of the house and with several purposes. Here are the most common and advised ones:

  • Floor: the black marble used for floorings perfectly matches a minimal style room; moreover, it can be emphasized by walls in light shades, and golden décor elements, especially in the wider areas. Another great match is also dark furniture, in colors such as burgundy or blue.
  • Bathroom: black marble in this context almost recalls the elegant setting of a spa, and it’s perfect to be matched with grey or metal for an extra contemporary touch. Evergreen is the choice of a black and white kind of bathroom flooring with a checker pattern.
  • Kitchen: the countertops, counters, and islands are particularly appreciated if realized in black marble. For an industrial touch, we advise you to pair them with (a possibly dark) wood and details in iron or metal.