La Spezia Terminal to enjoy AI benefits

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The famous Carrara marbles travel overseas through this port

Contship La Spezia Terminal is first in the world to adopt AI to increase performance of the wireless networks, as it aims to increase productivity and reduce operational downtime.

The Terminal Operating System (TOS) which allows central coordination of handling and storage of containers, needs a solid wireless network in order to allow seamless operations and real-time exchange of data. The more the reliable the network is, the faster the operators can receive orders and process handling of containers – it makes sense to say that consistent coverage and a fast network play a crucial role in streamlining operations.

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The layout of LSCT is a challenge for the propagation of wireless networks, as containers are stacked up to 5 rows high, and constant interferences also come from ships, radars and the surrounding city of La Spezia. This strongly impacted drivers and crane operators, forcing them to drive to areas where network coverage was strong enough to retrieve new orders.