Saudi Arabia’s Ambitious Red Sea Luxury Tourist Resort Project

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Saudi Arabia is making significant strides toward becoming a premier tourist destination, and its latest venture, the Red Sea Development Project, is poised to play a pivotal role in this transformation. This luxurious project, located along the breathtaking Red Sea, encompasses an expansive area that includes 90 pristine islands, making it a landmark undertaking in the tourism sector.

The Vision and Scale

The Red Sea Development Project is an ambitious initiative backed by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aiming to establish a world-class tourist destination by 2030. The project plans to offer over 8,000 rooms, more than 50 luxury hotels, and 1,000 residential properties. Covering an area of 302 billion square feet, this vast development is almost the size of Belgium, showcasing the monumental scale and ambition of the project.

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Attractions and Activities

Visitors to the Red Sea resort can look forward to an array of luxurious experiences and activities. The resort promises luxury living with renowned hotel brands like the Ritz-Carlton and Marriot setting up properties. Additionally, the diverse and vivid landscape of the Red Sea will offer sea adventures, mountain retreats, and desert safaris, catering to a wide range of interests and providing a comprehensive travel experience.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

To facilitate access to this new tourist haven, the Red Sea airport, which opened last year, allows visitors to land directly near the resort. This development ensures that reaching this remote yet beautiful location is convenient, paving the way for an influx of international tourists. A significant number of the planned resorts are expected to open as early as 2025, meaning travelers won’t have to wait until 2030 to enjoy this spectacular destination.

Beyond the Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Development Project is just one of several megaprojects Saudi Arabia is undertaking to diversify its economy and enhance its global standing. Another notable project is The Line, a revolutionary urban development that exemplifies futuristic living and urban planning. These projects collectively highlight Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation, luxury, and sustainability in its quest to attract global tourists.


Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Development Project is set to redefine luxury tourism with its grand scale, diverse offerings, and seamless accessibility. By 2030, this region is expected to become a premier destination for tourists worldwide, offering unparalleled experiences amidst stunning natural beauty. With major resorts opening as soon as 2025, the Red Sea resort project is on track to become an iconic symbol of Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning tourism industry.