Technology met art: Artist Davide Quayola used a robot to recreate a marble Hellenic masterpiece of Laocoon and his Sons

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Technology met art, as a London-based artist Davide Quayola used a robot to recreate a Hellenic masterpiece of Laocoon and his Sons.

The masterpiece which was unearthed back in 1506, is a marble statue, that depicts three male figures reeling under an attack from sea serpents.

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The sculpture which has inspired stalwarts like Michelangelo and William Blake has been on display at the Vatican for centuries.

Speaking to CNN Quayola said that this sculpture is the benchmark of perfection, which has been widely referred to in the academic world.

The artiste further said that experimenting with technology is not a new thing in the world of art as it was there since “the time of Renaissance”.

He further added that his interest lies in recreating art by looking at it through the “eyes of the machine”.

He programmed the robot a set of an algorithm in order to recreate a unique version of the 16th-century masterpiece.

Recalling sculptor Michaelangelo’s quote of “Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it”, he said that he is exploring the infinite possibilities of using that specific logic and geometric precision to create a masterpiece.