India’s 2022 marble and granite imports-exports

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India is one of the most important markets in the world in both exports and imports of marble and granite. In granite exports, it has been and remains at the top position among the largest granite exporters internationally. The continuous growth of marble exports in recent years has placed it among the top ten largest marble exporters.

In marble imports, India is the second largest importer in the world after China. Pending the development of China’s imports after lifting movement restrictions, India is an important alternative for international marble suppliers.

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India’s exports of granite in 2022 fell significantly compared to 2021. Specifically, total export value decreased by -11.28% and quantity by -17.10%. The decline was mainly due to a decrease in exports of granite blocks and slabs and much less processed granite.

Total marble exports between 2021-2022 saw the export value remain marginally stable, declining slightly by -0.19%, while the quantity decreased significantly by -16.82%. The export value was positively affected, mainly by the performance of processed marbles, while the quantity decline was primarily due to a decrease in exports of marble blocks and slabs.


The rapid rise in India’s marble imports, which started from the pandemic outbreak onwards, led to imports reaching an all-time high in 2022. Within two years, marble imports doubled. Specifically, between 2020-2022, there was an increase in value by +119.08% and quantity by +113.59%.

Granite imports are low, given that India is the largest producing country. However, in 2022 they recorded an increase over 2021 in value by +23.35% and quantity by +10.33%.


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