Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Founded in 2016, Stonenews.eu aimed to accomplish a basic goal: to fill the news gap about the stone industry in Greece and all the aspects included in it. Within two years, Stonenews.eu managed to become the leading informative source for the Greek stone market – consisting mostly of marble, granite and slate – providing deep and rich context of latest news, statistics and events relevant not only to the domestic as well as the international stone market interests but also to the extraction industry issues.

Now, a new era begins. Stonenews.eu goes global. A fresh news and information multi-platform in english language has been launched as a result of our legitimate interest in the effective delivery of valid and focused information to all the professionals of the stone industry all over the world. Latest news, breaking stories, photos and videos covering all features and procedures of natural stones and minerals market in addition to architecture, decoration, sculpture and other closely related markets’ trends comprise the main info body of Stonenews.eu. International stone trade fairs as well as events connected to our business concern are also one of our “secret ingredients” of success. Comprehensive economic analysis, research, up-to-date statistic reports and data in general, remain the flagship of our services, following our commitment to serve as a forum uniting the whole world of stone industry globally.

Ioannis Galanis
General Manager