Terms of Use

The navigation and the services offered by Stonenews LLC through the network portal Stonenews.eu as well as any other application owned by it all fall under the following terms of use. Each visitor or user must carefully read the terms of use before actually using the website or its services. In case he does not agree and does not accept them, he must not use them. As long as he goes on navigating and using the aforementioned services, he claims that he accepts all terms explicitly and unconditionally.

The website Stonenews.eu is a website that offers information and content concerning the marble and stone sector and provides its users with a wide variety of sources and publications. In addition, the website’s pages include different advertisements, newsletter registration and chatting. The already existing and all future services are all governed by the current terms of use.

The company reserves the right to amend the website’s content, to interrupt services on offer and/or create new ones without informing the visitors/users.

The current terms of use include the privacy policy and the cookies policy that are readily available in the relevant links.

Intellectual Property

The content of the website (texts, graphics, logos, photographs, offered services etc.) is an object of intellectual property and are governed by the valid national, European or international provisions. The name of the company, the website, the services, the logos, the characteristics and all relevant items are established rights or trademarks and are protected by the provisions of the relevant legislation. All third parties’ rights (partners, sources, agencies etc.) are all exempted. The content of the website cannot be wholly or partially sold, copied, amended, reproduced, republished, loaded, transmitted or distributed in any way possible. The case of the individual archiving of a single copy of a part of the content in a simple personal computer for personal use and not public or commercial use, publication or reproduction, in which the beneficiary and the source are mentioned without harming the intellectual and industrial property rights is exempted. The content, the products or services mentioned or offered on the website and bear trademarks or belong to any third party (organization, company, partner etc.) are his exclusive intellectual and industrial property and these agencies, as a result, bear the responsibility. The user/visitor is personally liable for his compliance with his terms of use.

Visitors/Users Obligations

The visitor/user of the portal must abstain of any illegal, illicit, abusive and malevolent use of the website and the included services. In addition, he must abstain from any endeavor and action to take advantage of the website in order to transmit illegal, malicious, offensive, annoying, defamatory, vulgar content or content that violates the privacy of third parties, shows empathy or expresses racist, national or other kinds of discrimination and can cause harm to minors in any way and does not have the right to be transmitted according to the legislation or the relevant provisions. Moreover, he must abstain from any attempt of unauthorized access or identification-access to the portal’s services without having the authorization to use the access data. The offer of the aforementioned services must be conducted for legal reasons and in a legal way and according to the relevant instructions.

The visitor/user must comply with the terms of use and the valid legislation during the use of the portal. The visitor/user must provide his true, accurate, valid and complete data (contact applications, messages, newsletter etc.). In addition, he must update his data in case of a change in order to keep them true, accurate, valid and complete.

The visitor/user bears responsibility while using the website’s services and must pay any dues towards third parties (network service providers, time-based charge). In addition, he is exclusively liable for his personal equipment and necessary technological means that grant him access to the website and maximum functionability. The website is constructed and designed in such a manner in order to be able to interact with all browsers and operating systems. No technical restrictions are exempted. This paragraph is no functionality guarantee as this entirely depends on the software and the operating system of the user.

For any damage caused to the portal, to the company or to any natural or legal persons because of the illegal use of the website by the visitor/user, he bears the exclusive responsibility. He is liable for the property and ethical compensation of any kind of damage.

In case of malevolent actions or misuse, the company can proceed with any legal action in order to ensure its legal rights. Moreover, it can dispatch a file to the authorities in charge in order for any crimes or violations to be examined.

The company can interrupt the provision of the website’s content and its services towards the users that violate the terms of use and the valid legislation.


The website takes all necessary precautions, technical and organizational, in order to ensure the accuracy, completeness, clarity and availability of its information, personal and not, and content. The visitors/users must take all necessary precautions of the integrity and safety of their systems and software in order to fully protect the usage data of the website and their identification data, if any.

The company is not liable for any damage caused to the user of the website by the use or inability to use for reasons not belonging to its responsibility such as delays, failures or omissions, because of failure of the equipment or the connection quality, for which the user or the network provider is responsible.

In cases of force majeure, as described by the legislation, affecting the operation of the portal, the operation might be interrupted for the necessary period. In this case the company bears no responsibility towards the users.


The website contains links that give access to other websites. However, it bears no responsibility for their content and their services as well as for their terms of use and data protection policy. The visitor/user is exclusively responsible for the use of these links and the navigation in other websites as well as for any other commercial transaction that may be conducted.

Collection and Use of Information

The website can collect unanimous data that contribute to the conclusion of results regarding the management and traffic of the website. The website is the only owner of these data and does not transfer them to third parties.

Liability Restriction

The company makes every possible effort to offer accurate and valid content. Possibly, some of the information contains inaccuracies or typos. The company bears no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and may change the content at any time without further notice. All references to third parties’ publications, content and services are made for information or advertisement reasons and are no adoption or use recommendation.

The company is not responsible for any indirect, special, consequential or accidental damages including, but not limited to, loss of income or profits, costs because of products replacement, loss or damage in data stemming from use or inability to use. Taking the nature and volume of Internet, under any circumstances, into consideration including the case of negligence, the company bears no responsibility for any kind of damage caused to the visitor/user by the use and the content of the website, which is offered exactly as it is with all its faults and without any kind of guarantee. The company renounces any guarantee including those implied or dully stated, without restrictions, the guarantee of tradability, suitability for a specific use, the guarantee for non-violation or the guarantees stemming from use or commercial practice including any restrictions set by the jurisdiction or legislation.

The website’s aim is to inform about the marble and stone market and the content is formed after research conducted in the domestic and international actuality. The publications do not constitute an advice or guarantee towards an action or omission for the users, who are exclusively liable for their actions. The news posted may be constantly amended. The website bears no responsibility towards these amendments and has no obligation of further notice.


The company bears no responsibility for the contact of the user/visitor with third service providers advertised on the website as well as for any other commercial transaction that may be conducted.

The website may contain links (third party links, plug-ins, applications etc.) for other websites that are not controlled by the company. As a result, the users, by clicking on these links, will be transferred to these websites governed by their own terms of use. The company bears, therefore, no responsibility.

The website contains advertisements as well as other advertising material from third parties. The company bears no responsibility towards the users and any other third party that may consider that they are offended by this content or by any actions, omissions and non-compliance with the regulations regarding third parties, which created and possess the aforementioned advertising content. The company is not required to further check the advertisement content apart from the cases in which content is malevolent, illegal and abusive and does not comply with the terms of use or the agreement signed with the advertised party. Any such responsibility is born by the advertised party, the sponsors or the creators of the aforementioned content.


The website can amend the current terms of use partially or wholly at its own discretion and according to the valid or future legal framework. All new versions will come into force after their publication without any further requirements, notice or special process.

Other Terms

The use of this portal is conditioned by the provisions of the Greek, European and international law.

The interested parties interpret and apply the terms according to the principles of good faith and business morals. In case a provision is deemed to be against the law or is invalid, it ceases to be in force without influencing the validity of the other provisions.

The courts of Thessaloniki are eligible for any disputes that may occur during the use of the website.