Komatsu Europe launches WA900‐8 wheel loader: Highest in‐class productivity ‐ EU Stage V compliant

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Komatsu Europe International N.V. announces the launch of the new WA900‐8 wheel loader. Designed for maximum operating comfort, the WA900‐8 proposes many customer advantages, among which a Modulation Clutch and Variable Traction Control, an Auto Kick Down and an RPM set. Combined with Komatsu’s redesigned extra‐large 14,5 m3 bucket and its optimised maximum fill factor, the WA900‐8 offers the highest productivity of any wheel loader in its class ‐ and up to 17% higher fuel efficiency.

The all‐new Komatsu WA900‐8 rewrites the rules for stability, giving the operator a safe andcomfortable work environment. With a 116 tonnes operating weight, the WA900‐8 allows for 23,200kg rated load capacity in a standard boom configuration and for 20,500kg rated load capacity in high lift boom configuration.

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Environmental concerns are growing worldwide, along with a need for cleaner engines. The Komatsu WA900‐8 meets the latest EU Stage V emission regulations with Komatsu‐designed, developed and manufactured engine and aftertreatment systems.

Two Diesel Particulate Filters, two Variable Geometry Turbos, a Heavy Duty and cooled exhaust gas recirculation system, new engine control modules, a Closed Crankcase Ventilation system ‐ and no AdBlue® required, will allow WA900‐8 customers to be competitive in tenders and keep their Komatsu machine at work for many years.

As standard, Komatsu offers up to 14,5 m3 buckets, that have a redesigned spill guard, increased radius and floor angle, and provide better penetration and higher fill factors to boost productivity and income. Their ultra‐strong teeth and enlarged sweeper wings increase up time and reduce tire damage to also reduce maintenance costs.

A standard high accuracy Payload Meter (PLM) lets you easily monitor and track your work’s productivity and efficiency within 1.5% accuracy, to avoid overloading dump trucks. The Modulation Clutch system gives operators precise control of rim pull, for fast work equipment

speeds, and a smooth approach for truck loading. The Variable Traction Control system optimises rim pull on all ground conditions, minimises tire slippage and lowers maintenance costs.

On‐board Komatsu SmartLoader Logic, a fully automatic engine control, yields precisely enough torque for each work phase, based on the application. By automatically switching between Economy & Power modes it considerably reduces fuel usage, with no loss of productivity.

The new generation WA900‐8 wheel loader’ s hydraulics are improved with a CLSS hydraulic system that delivers power on demand via the variable displacement piston pumps. It keeps the hydraulic oil cool and increases both your work speed and fuel economy. Fuel savings are further promoted through the Auto Idle Shutdown system and by ECO guidance tips on the in‐ cab monitor.

Combined with the unique Komatsu CARE support package, the WA900‐8 offers truly unbeatable customer value.

Safety, Reliability & Durability

A new supersized ROPS/FOPS cabin provides a completely redesigned, spacious, sturdy and safe operating environment, with a wide and unobstructed view of the work area. After dark, visibility and safe maintenance are improved by 22 LED lights, a new standard factory‐fit comprehensive package.

For increased safety and operating confidence, KomVision, a visual aid designed by Komatsu to help avoid contacts or collisions due to blind spots, reduces risks of machine damage and injury. On the WA900‐8, five network cameras create a bird’s‐eye view of the immediate surroundings on a dedicated monitor. An extra rear‐view camera sends a colour image with a distance indicator line on the cabin monitor.

Catwalks and handrails on the counterweight provide an additional standard safe exit and easier maintenance. In option, Komatsu proposes a hydraulically operated 45° ladder to the cabin.

For easy servicing, even high up, technicians can attach lanyards to safe anchored tie‐off points well‐placed around the WA900‐8. Standard safety lockout switches at the rear of the machine can be quickly reached from ground level, in an emergency or a critical situation.

Engine maintenance points are grouped, and various ladders, stairs and handrails provide safe access to all filters. The optional service centre enables the wireless download of KOMTRAX Plus data, along with faster and easier oil servicing and sampling.

The radiators have a swing‐out reversing hydraulic fan, for safe access and easy cleaning with compressed air or water. To reduce clogging, the modular core radiator features widely spaced cooling fins.

Brake life was increased with an improved fully sealed hydraulic brake system. The front frame and the loader linkage were redesigned to be stronger and more durable.

Comfortable & Easy Operations

The redesigned interior of the new and enlarged cabin offers better ergonomics to reduce fatigue, for a happy and more productive operator. Sound insulation and a quieter engine keep noise levels low and help you stay focused and safe.

A new fully adjustable seat, air‐suspended, heated and ventilated, with an adjustable bolster and integrated standard EPC levers, makes life on the jobsite easier, as do the colour TFT monitor and a range of new tools and functions. A new fold‐up trainer seat allows in‐cab operator training. For less experienced operators, the Auto Digging system, the Semi‐Auto Approach and the Semi‐Auto Dump can assist to provide a consistent performance.

The new right‐hand side console is integrated in the seat. Switches and Bluetooth radio are easily accessible on the overhead console, and the new front panel is styled with a similar look and feel as other Komatsu machines. 

Available now at Komatsu Europe, the WA900‐8 wheel loader offers unbeatable customer value, whatever and wherever the job.


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Since 1965, the company’s sole authorized Importer – Distributor in the Greek market is Saracakis Brothers S.A.