Marble Sachanas at the Marmomac exhibition

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Time is running out for start of the international exhibition “Marmomac” in Verona and among the companies that will be present is the Greek, “Marble Sachanas”.

The company is a large company engaged in stone extraction, processing and engineering design, for more than 30 years.

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In Northern Greece it maintains privately-owned quarries and with marbles such as Artic White, Artic Gray, Vermion White, Stellar Wave, it stands out as well as the new versions of Selas Pink.

Marble Sachanas has emerged as the leading choice among top architects, interior designers and homeowners seeking the finest in natural stone products countries and this is proof that the expertise and multicultural mentality has helped the company penetrate different markets.

The advanced mechanical equipment of the factory, with the latest technology machinery, ensures the required precision in production, resulting always in high quality products in accordance with the international standards. 

At the Veronafiere showroom, guests can find the company at Hall 9, Stand D10, where its unique marbles await you, as well as surprises with favorite delicacies right on a marble slab!