Oman’s Marble Industry: Sustainability and Economic Growth

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The Omani marble industry is on the rise, driven by innovation and forward-thinking initiatives. The Oman Industrial Innovation Center (OIC) is at the forefront of this transformation, playing a pivotal role in developing and implementing groundbreaking solutions. With a focus on sustainability and economic growth, the OIC is propelling the industry towards a brighter future.

Unveiling Innovative Opportunities:

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In a concerted effort to enhance the industry’s competitiveness, the OIC has meticulously identified around 100 innovative opportunities within the marble sector. By carefully evaluating these prospects, the center has prioritized areas with high growth potential, laying the foundation for future research and development endeavors.

Conducting Preliminary Studies:

For 25 of the 100 identified innovative opportunities, comprehensive preliminary studies have been undertaken. These studies delve into assessing the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed solutions, ensuring that investments are directed towards the most promising projects.

Establishing SMEs:

Recognizing the significance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the OIC has established a dedicated SME specifically aimed at commercializing innovative marble products. This initiative seeks to foster the development of novel business models and generate new employment opportunities within the sector.

Supporting Existing Businesses:

Beyond establishing new SMEs, the OIC is providing substantial support to seven existing marble companies. This support encompasses technical and financial assistance, empowering these businesses to enhance their operations, embrace innovative practices, and strengthen their competitive edge.

Forging Collaborations:

To further promote research and development in the marble industry, the OIC has forged strong partnerships with universities, research institutions, and private sector entities. These collaborations ensure a continuous flow of knowledge and expertise, fueling innovation and leading to groundbreaking discoveries.

Vision for the Future:

The OIC’s ultimate goal is to transform Oman into a global hub for the production of high-quality, innovative marble products. Through the implementation of its strategic initiatives, the OIC aspires to elevate the competitiveness of Oman’s marble industry in international markets, while creating new avenues for growth and prosperity for the local economy.