SMARTFAIR – 3rd edition at the Starting Blocks

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StoneCash, B2B multivendor marketplace and trading platform  for the stone industry, will host SmartFair – 3rd edition from the 3rd to the 5th of March 2021.  Three days completely dedicated to stone, machinery, tool, service, and design companies.  

The decision of carrying on with the third event in less than a year comes from the success of  the first two editions in 2020, with more than 32.000 visitors and 200 exhibitors, which has  consolidated SmartFair as the world-leading digital event of the stone industry. The aim of  SmartFair 2021 will remain the same: helping professionals to execute their business plans  “smartly” in these times of travel uncertainties and social distancing. 

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In addition to the functions of the previous editions, such as trading systems, online showrooms and an intuitive virtual map that allows visitors to move around the fair and visit  exhibitors stands, the bar will be raised by the introduction of an extensive online agenda  with streaming interviews, seminars and more. However, user interaction is still a central point. Visitors can meet with exhibitors using personalized video meeting rooms and instant  messaging with end-to-end fully encrypted technology that guarantees the privacy of all the  communications. The press will have access to dedicated recording booths to conduct video  interviews with all available participants. 

Thus, Smart Fair- 3rd edition will be once again a unique opportunity for everyone in the stone  industry to network and carry-on profitable business deals during these extraordinary times.  An ambitious 24-hour service enables companies from every time zone to get in touch with  each other whenever they prefer. World-leading exhibitors have embraced the SmartFair  with unprecedented enthusiasm and have secured their own booth space. Thousands of  visitors, including architects and designers, are expected from everywhere in the world. 

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