‘Brazilian Geodiversity, Brazilianness and Art’ in the Stonexpo 2023

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From January 31st to February 2nd, the stone industry will participate in the Stonexpo 2023, one of the main surface events in the United States. Under the theme ‘Brazilian Geodiversity, Brazilianness and Art’, the sectoral project It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone will exhibit 40 materials from 12 different geological types. The event is promoted by the Brazilian Center of Natural Stone Exporters (Centrorochas) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).

The area designed by the designer Araciene Pessin, an expert in ornamental stones, leads to the national geodiversity and exhibits the products of 22 companies with different applications, textures, and various thicknesses, proving the versatility of uses. Created in two environments, the booth is intended to receive visitors and, at the same time, promote the appreciation of the Brazilian natural stones, with a charming atmosphere that reminds us of Brazil.

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The highlight of the booth is the large mosaic produced with the waterjet system, which has a map of Brazil in back lit quartz crystal in the center and, around it, a great diversity of stones from all five regions of Brazil, arranged in drawings that refer to the Brazilian rivers. “The great challenge of this project was to select 40 ornamental stones, from 12 different geological types, converging to a harmonic composition and highlighting the natural artistic aspects of these materials, in consonance with the exaltation of Brazilianness”, explains the designer Araciene Pessin.

Pieces of furniture that the professional developed exclusively to show the Brazilian spirit in American soil, hollowed out cobogós, mosaics produced in waterjet, show the significant advances of the Brazilian industry and the strength of the sector that, only in 2022, exported approximately US$ 1.28 billion.

“This will be our first direct participation at Stonexpo and we are very optimistic, because this fair provides a connection between manufacturers and great North American architects, designers and builders. Brazil is a country with a unique variety of ornamental stones and with companies capable of placing their products in the best works and monuments in the world. We, through It’s Natural, and in partnership with Apexbrasil, are increasingly seeking to open the range of opportunities in order to encourage the internationalization of the segment”, explains the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado.

Giant by nature itself

On February 1st, at 12pm (local time) the visitors of Stonexpo will know all Brazilian potential during the lecture “Get to know the power of Brazilian natural stones”. The moment will be led by Centrorochas vice president Fabio Cruz and international stone specifier Paulo Giafarov in the main auditorium of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. They will present the unique geological diversity of Brazil and all the potential of the national sector that, thanks to the technological capacity of production, sees its stones go through modern and environmentally sustainable processes. “More than 95% of all water used in the production process is fully reused, in addition, the production waste is destined for licensed or reused deposits,” says Cruz.

Curiosities of the Brazilian participation in Stonexpo 2023

– 40 Brazilian natural stones

– Donated by 22 industry companies supported by the It’s Natural sectorial project: Angramar, Basalto São Cristóvão, Bramagran, Brasigran, Cajugram, Gramazini, Gramobras, Guimar, Imil, Internacionale Granite, Magban, Marcel, Margramar, Mineração Lougon, Mineração Novo Brasil, Mineração São Sebastião, Multigran, Qualitá, Santo Antônio, Stone Piso, Super Clássico e Tecton.

– Materials from the 5 Brazilian regions (North, Northeast, Midwest, South and Southeast)

– 12 distinct geological types: granite, marble, quartzite, shale, pegmatite, amphibolite, serpentinite, dolomitic marble, breach, basalt, gneiss, and conglomerate.

Source: braziliannaturalstone.com