Build Expo 2024: The Premier Construction Expo in Southeastern Europe

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From October 17-20, 2024, the Metropolitan Expo in Athens will host Build Expo, the largest and most specialized construction expo in Southeastern Europe. This event is poised to be a crucial meeting point for the entire market.

The importance of Build Expo for the development of the construction sector is underscored by the immense interest from exhibitors and visitors alike. The expo will expand into three halls due to high exhibitor participation, and pre-registrations have already surpassed last year’s numbers, highlighting the growing significance of this event.

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Recognizing the evolving nature of construction technology and materials, Build Expo offers a diverse range of products and services. The expo aims to provide professionals with quality solutions at every stage of their work, particularly those focused on bioclimatic building and energy efficiency. The exhibition will showcase a wide array of categories, including paints, insulation materials, cement products, frames, marble and stone, flooring, tiles, tools and equipment, and construction machinery.

Build Expo international outlook fosters entrepreneurship and outward-looking business strategies, creating opportunities for international collaborations. The expo attracts major construction companies from Southeastern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, and other regions with significant market potential, making it a central hub for business networking and knowledge exchange.

More than just a business event, Build Expo is a unique experience celebrating the construction and building sector. With a steadfast commitment to supporting professionals, this expo is set to become the benchmark for the entire market, providing opportunities and tools for profitable collaborations and growth.