Cat®’s new flexible custom-built man-up turret trucks (VNA)

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Designed to maximize the efficiency of pallet laying and order collection
from very narrow and high shelves.

Cat® Lift Trucks has expanded the scope of its materials handling warehouse equipment line-up by adding a whole new category. Designed to maximise stacking and order picking efficiency in very narrow aisles (VNA) and high racking, the Cat® NVT11-20(XL) range of turret trucks offers modular flexibility to fit each application perfectly.

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ELTRAK, as a specialized Cat® Lift Trucks sales consultant, measures and studys the customer’s operation in detail and recommends a customised specification that precisely meets all space, load and operator needs.

Model and specification choices

There are five core NVT models with capacities between 1.1 and 1.5 tonnes, while two more can be specially requested: one for unusually heavy loads (up to 2.0 tonnes) and one for exceptionally high lifts (up to 19 metres).

All man up turret trucks delivered are custom-built, starting with their dimensions. For optimum utilisation of space, overall turret truck width can be specified at anything from 1.0 to 1.9 metres – in steps of 5 centimetres or less. A variety of masts and swivelling or telescopic forks can be chosen for different loads and racking arrangements.

Ergonomics, comfort and safety

Cabin size and design of the turret trucks can also be varied, along with control console style and layout, seating choice and other factors important to materials handling operators. From their comfortable, secure working space, complete with carpeted walls and a thickly cushioned floor, users enjoy a clear all-round view and great freedom of movement. Easy and enjoyable to operate, the turret trucks give a strong sense of safety thanks largely to their high stability and mast rigidity.

High productivity, low running costs

While ergonomic, application-focused features and materials help handling operators to work more efficiently, the NVT range is also engineered for faster, more powerful performance and lower energy consumption. Keys to this include FEM (finite element method) mast design, low total weight and advanced AC drive technology.

High productivity combines with energy savings and reduced maintenance costs to maximise profits. Each structure, system and component the turret trucks is designed and specified to minimise wear, damage and servicing requirements. For instance, the wear-resistant steering chain lasts longer; guide rollers and closed wheel arches protect load wheels; and rapid fault analysis cuts downtime.

Too many features to mention

Given that Cat NVT man-up turret trucks are so extensively customised, the catalogue of options available is much too long to list here. Examples range from guidance by side rollers, rail or inductive wire, through systems for weighing, height positioning and speed control, to cabin heating, fans and window combinations. Your local Cat lift truck dealer can provide full details.

ELTRAK, part of CP Holdings Group, is the official representative of Caterpillar company in Greece and Bulgaria