China: Café built at abandoned quarry pit attracts over 400,000 visitors a year

Photo: Courtesy of the café
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A new and modern café in Zhejiang Province has become a social media success story after it revitalised the surroundings of a disused Chinese quarry.

A disused quarry pit in a valley surrounded by verdant mountains at the center of which is a small lake with water the color of gem blue due to mineral deposits, sounds like an unlikely coffee spot.

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The 61.9-acre pit and a small house beside together, however, make up one of the world’s largest cafés. Visitors, with a cup of coffee in hands, sit relaxed around the pit, chat, and take photos while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Found in the rural surrounds of Anji in the Zhejiang Province, the Deep Blue Coffeehouse has drawn plaudits from locals and social media users for combining the quarry pit’s incredible beauty with a trendy coffee destination and eatery.

The café soon went viral online after it opened to public in May 2022. It has, so far, welcomed more than 400,000 visitors, serving 500 to 800 visitors per day on weekdays and 2,000 to 3,000 at weekends.