China Xiamen International Stone Fair got postponed to 2021

Following the example of other stone fairs organisers and after two postponements earlier this year,  the China Xiamen International Stone Fair got postponed to 2021. According to the official press release, the organisers were led to this decision due to the uncertainties caused by Covid-19, after deliberate consideration and evaluation and in consultation with exhibitors, visitors and partners from China and abroad. Until the new date, Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair, the fair’s online version will be held with online events like product promotion and webinars to better serve the exhibitors and visitors needs.

More specifically, the press release mentions: “Promoting the import and export trade of the global stone industry is the commitment of Xiamen Stone Fair all along. As a one-stop platform for product display, market expanding, and information exchange, Xiamen Stone Fair becomes a must-attend annual event within the industry. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have been making great efforts to prepare for the trade fair postponed to October and striving to present a high-quality event. However, with the ongoing Covid-19 development and its widespread impact around the world, business travel has been affected due to visa delays, limited flights, compulsory quarantines and other objective reasons. Given the situation, it is difficult to maintain the value of Xiamen Stone Fair when the presence of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world cannot be guaranteed.”

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As for Cloud Xiamen Stone Fair, the organisers note that the online platform enables product showcase, business negotiation and networking and plays a complementary counterpart and warm-up for the physical trade fair. “We promise to arrange follow-up services properly and wholeheartedly. Xiamen Stone Fair is always standing with our stone community, facing challenges and overcoming difficulties, and will continue its dedication to reviving the stone industry.”, the press release concludes.