Coronavirus emergency | MARMOMACCHINE: Pass to “Phase two” without delay

“CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE, representing the Italian stone/techno-stone sector, was one of the first trade associations to warn about and declare the need to suspend production work to more efficaciously combat the spread of COVID-19, anticipating the decisions that the government would later take.

With equal determination, CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE is today in the front lines in forcefully declaring the need to immediately plan a re-launch, asking for swiftness and certainty in the re-opening – even gradual – of our companies, and passage to the so-called “Phase-2” after the Easter holiday.

A re-launch we consider impossible to delay in order to avert the financial and commercial asphyxiation of the companies in our sector, above all the light of asymmetric regional measures – with particular reference to the recent ordinance by the Emilia Romagna region – that introduce elements of inequality between homogenous sectors, creating an unacceptable “coronavirus dumping” within the industrial excellences of the Made in Italy, wholly similar for propensity to export, target markets and pressure from foreign competition, and differing solely for the regions they work in.

A double standard in re-launching business is something that Italy cannot and must not permit itself.”