Egypt’s marble exports hit $ 213M in 2020

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Marble exports,under the umbrella of the Building Materials Export Council, declined 7 percent during 2020, amounting to 2.125.175 tons, with a total of approximately $213 million, according to head of the quarry, marble and granite exploiters division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Mohamed Aref.

Aref confirmed in a statement , Tuesday, the start of transforming the marble and granite sector into digital, in order to be able to serve the sector workers and provide the services provided by the Chamber to its employees.

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The division chief decided to participate in the Decent Life initiative led by the President of the Republic, with discounts reaching 25 percent in some products for the benefit of the homeland and for the sake of advancingnew Egypt.

Aref indicated that a committee for local and international exhibitions has been formed, headed by Hanan Ismail, to be tasked with stimulating sales internally and breaking the stagnation that the sector suffers from, in addition to marketing Egyptian products of marble and granite globally to increase Egyptian exports and provide hard currency to the country.

He explained that marketing missions will be sent to African countries, especially the country of Ronda, which is located in the vicinity of 5 African countries that have large markets, and that discounts will be made for members of the division by 10 percent at the big 5 exhibition and an exhibition for the Sultanate of Oman, and it was agreed on another exhibition next April in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.