Egypt set to launch mining portal for investors

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Egypt is on the verge of launching a landmark mining portal that will include maps and data for investors seeking to embark on minerals projects in the Arab country, an Egyptian newspaper has reported.

The digital platform to be launched by the Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ministry will provide “geological data and maps of mining areas” in various parts of Egypt, the Arabic language daily Addustour said, citing a Ministry report.

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“This platform is designed facilitate investment opportunities for those interested in setting up minerals project in Egypt…it will also promote the country’s mining sector abroad and provide information on mining project bids…technical evaluation of the new portal has been completed and it will be launched soon,” the report said.

The platform will cover 27 metals, including gold, zinc and iron, the report said, adding that Egypt is rapidly becoming a key metal producer and exporter.

In 2023, metal production stood at around 13 million tonnes and exports exceeded 2.3 million tonnes, it said.