Epiroc’s new Boomer S10 S gives major leap in cost efficiency and productivity of mine development

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Quality and extreme accuracy equal serious cost savings. Being the world’s first  automated one-boom jumbo for the small segment, Epiroc’s new Boomer S10 S  pushes the boundaries of what to expect from a face drilling rig. 

The Boomer S10 S provides near surgical precision in drilling and major cost savings  throughout the cycle – all thanks to being the world’s first one-boom jumbo featuring  Epiroc’s Rig Control System. The consistent, repeatable, and quality-assured results  are made possible by advanced automation, operator-assisting features, and digital  drill plans.

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Boomer S10 S freecut, front right view, wide angle, 3D image

“With Boomer S10 S as our latest addition, we are proud to offer a sustainable automated operation for the small segment, with a complete range of automated rigs for face drilling, production drilling and rock reinforcement underground”, said Sarah Hoffman, VP Sales & Marketing at Epiroc’s Underground division.

Quality means major cost savings

New Boomer S10 S doesn’t compromise on quality – ever. And in this case, great quality means cost savings in terms of wear and tear of rock drilling tools, spare parts, and other consumables. Compared to traditional, non-automated one-boom jumbos, Boomer S10 S decreases the consumption of consumable parts with 30 %1 while lowering maintenance costs by 12%.  

The great value of automation 

Thanks to the digital drill plans and Epiroc’s Rig Control System the drill rig is perfectly  aligned in the drift to optimize accuracy, providing less overbreak and underbreak, and  longer pull rounds. 

“The Rig Control System provides drilling accuracy way beyond what human eye measure could ever accomplish. It is high-quality production from start to finish, and a great milestone reached for mine development”, said Niklas Berggren, Global product manager face drilling equipment at Epiroc.  

When applying the High-Performance Development method – a way of working during the entire drill cycle –Boomer S10 S offers up to 25 % more development meters3 compared to traditional one-boom jumbos. The total cycle time is reduced thanks to better pull-length, fragmentation, and less need for scaling. 

“It’s a snowball effect on productivity: accurate drilling holes means less explosives, less scaling and better tunnel profiles. In turn, a better tunnel profile means less rock  reinforcement and less tear on all the machines in the drift. All this leads to significant cost reductions while increasing productivity and safety for everyone involved”, Niklas Berggren explains.  

Taking operator ergonomics to new heights  

Designed for great ergonomics with lower vibration and sound levels (<75 dbA), the  Boomer S10 S is a pure joy to use for the operator. Apart from offering better visibility  and a multi-functional joystick, Boomer S10 S grants higher comfort and a significant reduction of live work.