Flavio Marabelli: The General Assembly was an important, and well-attended event

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The Annual General Assembly of Confindustria Marmomacchine for 2022 was held on Friday, 10 June. Over 140 guests and delegates, both Italian and foreign, attended the meeting.

The topics of the meeting included the election of the new Confindustria Board of Directors and the annual report of the Association. According to the honorary president of Confindustria, Flavio Marabelli’s statements to Stonenews.eu, the annual assembly is the most important and long-awaited event of the marble sector in Italy. It acts as an opportunity for the Association members to discuss what has happened in the past year, both in the world and in Italy, in terms of materials, technology and machinery.

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“Companies are waiting for this moment to understand what happened last year, to understand what has been done or is being done and to start anew even with initiatives,” said Mr Marabelli.

Moreover, he referred to the fact that Confindustria, as an association of the marble sector, represents its interests at multiple levels, such as the institutional, commercial, training and information levels. For this purpose, Confindustria has its means, such as “our own trade magazine, we have our own trade fair office, we have our own office that follows up aspects with the government and sectoral relations”. However, he stressed that while the association “moves” on a 360-degree axis, it separates its institutional from its commercial activities.

Finally, Mr Marabelli spoke about the sustainability of natural stone and the moves the Association is making to make the public more aware of the material and its characteristics. In particular, he mentioned the Association’s collaboration with a team of experienced mining engineers from the Polytechnic of Turin, “with whom we are trying to do the life cycle assesment of the product, however, we, as experts, who are used to analyze these things, are certain that the data of the life cycle analysis we will do for the industry will be positive compared to other products such as ceramics because we do not pollute. We don’t use a lot of electricity; we don’t create CO2 emissions when we work on the product.”