Government of India Pushes for Reforms in Granite and Marble Mining

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The Ministry of Mines organized a workshop in Bengaluru to discuss reforms and collaboration in the granite and marble mining sector. The workshop brought together central and state government officials, industry representatives, and other stakeholders.

Focus on Transparency and Efficiency

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The Secretary of the Ministry of Mines, Shri V.L. Kantha Rao, emphasized the importance of reforms for enhancing transparency and efficiency in the minor minerals sector, which includes granite and marble. He highlighted the National Geo-Data Repository (NGDR) Portal as a key initiative by the central government. This portal provides comprehensive data and information on exploration, facilitating informed decision-making by all stakeholders.

Collaboration for Sustainable Mining

The workshop also underscored the need for collaboration between the government and industry. Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, Additional Chief Secretary of Karnataka, stressed that solutions to administrative, technological, and other challenges require a joint effort. Sustainable practices were also a key theme. Dr. Rajneesh emphasized that mining activities must be conducted with a view toward environmental and social responsibility.

Sharing Best Practices

Representatives from the state governments of Karnataka, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana presented their approaches to regulating granite and marble mining. These presentations included best practices that can be adopted more widely.

Industry and Innovation

The workshop also looked at the role of the granite and marble industry in India’s construction sector. Dr. B. Panduranga Rao, from the Ministry of Commerce, spoke about this connection. Additionally, the workshop welcomed innovative solutions from startups to address the challenges faced by the sector. Finally, the importance of IT platforms for managing critical areas and reducing grievances was highlighted.

This workshop signifies a push by the central government for reforms in the granite and marble mining sector. By working together, stakeholders can ensure a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable industry.