Greek marble acquires its own identity!
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On Tuesday, 21 March 2023, a special launch event of the Greek marble brand identity was organized by the Greek Marble Association (Association of Marble Companies of Macedonia – Thrace) with the support of the Enterprise Greece. The story of the brand highlights the unique characteristics of Greek marble, its history from antiquity to the present day, along with its diverse use in small and big projects. 

Welcome addresses were delivered by Mr Costas Fragkogiannis, Deputy Minister for Economic Diplomacy and Openness, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Ioannis Savvas, Secretary of the Decentralised Administration of Macedonia-Thrace, and Mr Marinos Giannopoulos, CEO of Enterprise Greece. Moreover, a welcome message was sent by the General Secretary of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Energy, Ms Alexandra Sdoukou.

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Enterprise Greece CEO, Marinos Giannopoulos

The President of the GMA, Ms Julie Chaida, discussed the Greek marble industry’s contribution to the Greek economy. She focused on the industry’s increasing exports that reached 225 015 000 € in the first nine months of 2022, and 360 748 000 € in 2021, versus 288 720 000 € in 2020. Ms Chaida also stressed that Greece ranks 5th in marble exports globally and 2nd at the EU level, exporting 76% of its production to more than 120 countries worldwide. China, the United States, the UAE, Qatar and Cyprus comprised the top five countries to which 58.43 % of Greek marble is being exported. Ms Chaida also presented the Greek Marble Association and its members, the importance of their activity for the wider region (more than 80 % of the marble production comes from Eastern Macedonia — Thrace), as well as the association’s vision for increased visibility and systematic promotion of Greek marble worldwide.

Association of Marble Enterprises of Macedonia and Thrace, Greece President, Julie Chaida

The Executive Director and Member of the Board of Enterprise Greece, Mrs Betty Alexandropoulou, referred to the joint project undertaken with the GMA to design a unique brand identity for Greek marble that will endorse its value, differentiate it from competition and boost its unique characteristics. Mrs Alexandropoulou also referred to the industry’s recent participation at the international trade fair “The Big 5” 2022 that took place in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, as well as the 1st ever participation in a trade fair in North America, TISE-StonExpo, which took place in Las Vegas. She also added that other important projects underway for 2023 will follow such as participation at the BIG 5 Construct Egypt in June, ΜARMOMAC VERONA in September, etc.

Executive Director and Board Member of Enterprise Greece, Betty Alexandropoulou

Ms Chaida and Mrs Alexandropoulou urged the marble companies to adopt the products’ brand identity in all their communications, in order for the brand to be recognized and underlined the advantages of utilizing the brand by all members, such as worldwide recognition as synonymous to a high quality product, further developing the exports of the industry and making the most of the existing momentum.

Greece, although a small country in size, has a large production and variety of marble, while its history is inextricably linked to this unique material. The industry can demonstrably claim that marble quarrying and processing are sectors in which Greek companies have great experience and in-depth know-how, and that they are employing experienced quarriers and craftsmen in facilities with cutting-edge technology.

During the tour of the quarries of Drama
During the tour of the quarries of Drama

Enterprise Greece

Enterprise Greece is the official investment and trade promotion agency of the Greek state, under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its mission is to facilitate foreign investment in Greece, and to promote the export of Greek products and services abroad.

Greek Marble Association (Association of Marble Businesses of Macedonia-Thrace) 

The Association of Marble Businesses of Macedonia-Thrace was founded in 1972 in Kavala, Greece and it is the biggest Association representing the Greek marble industry. It consists of 75 members, including the largest and most important marble companies in Greece. It is indicative that their annual turnover constitutes more than 85% of the total turnover in the country’s industry and 98% of profitability. In particular, 670 companies are active in the Greek marble industry, which directly employs 6,500 employees while total participation in employment amounts to 18,000 employees.