Iktinos Hellas SA: Extroversion aims to development

Mrs. Ioulia Haidas, Vice President of "Iktinos Hellas SA"
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We met Mrs. Ioulia Haidas, Vice President of “Iktinos Hellas SA”, at the International Fair Marmomacc 2018, in Verona, Italy, in which the company has been participating since 1978.


“Iktinos Hellas” is one of the leading suppliers of marble industry, a vertically integrated company that carries through all stages of marble production, from extraction, cutting and processing to sale, use and application. The company’s strong monopoly materials such as GOLDEN SPIDER, NESTOS WHITE, THASSOS WHITE, MARVELLOUS WHITE and VOLAKAS WHITE are a means of notifying the name and strengthening the company’s presence worldwide.

The extroversion tactics of “Iktinos” was also revealed in the recent participation of the company at the Greek Roadshows in New York and London. “The New York Roadshow was the first that the company participated in abroad. There was a positive view of our share as three or four funds were interested in it. The results were positive in London too, as we finally had meetings with 10 funds out of which three were unexpected”, commented Ms. Haidas, adding: ” This response helps to make our company more recognizable internationally and also promotes the name of the Greek marble”.

In 2018 the company proceeded with investments in production and processing. It was only in summer that it acquired the rental rights of a quarry area of ​​96,470 acres in the Pyrgoi area in Drama. “The quarry began its operation immediately after its acquisition in July 2018. It is a quarry that produces good quality, all-white marble with small spots, which will have a market response due to its color and texture,” said Ms. Haidas. “In 2019 its production is expected to reach 40,000 tons, adding value to the company.”

In the beginning of 2019 another quarry is expected to operate in the Peloponnese region. It is a very large quarry that produces gray monochrome material, unique in color and high quality. As Ms. Haidas mentioned, it is a material that is used in construction, with the latest design trends combining it with Greek white marble. It is planned that in 2019 it will also yield about 40,000 tons.

“The company is growing. In addition to the aforementioned quarries, a new plant will be fully operational in December 2018, while new machinery has been installed in the existing plant. The results of the investments, of course, are expected in 2019″, the vice president of “Iktinos Hellas” noted.

Finding new raw material resources is also one of the company’s main goals whether they come from research or an impending proposal.

The next exhibition that “Iktinos” is participating is the International Exhibition of Construction Industry “The Big 5” in Dubai, November 26-29, 2018. Xiamen International Stone Fair in China follows in March 2019. “Our company participates in 7- 8 major international exhibitions each year in Europe, Asia, Africa and the U.S., covering the full range of buyers worldwide”, Ms. Haidas concluded.