Italian stone technology exports grew in the first part of 2023

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After the 1.7% upturn last year – which confirmed the full recoup of pre-pandemic export levels – for the Italian techno-stone industry 2023 began with further growth in foreign sales of machines, installations, equipment and tools for extracting and processing natural stones.

The data processed by the Confindustria Marmomacchine Studies Center for the first 5 months of the year in fact showed an increase in export value of 6% from the same period a year ago, for a total of 460.8 million euros.

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On the reference markets level, the United States – after an excellent +42.1% in 2022 – was confirmed the top buyer of Italian stone-working machinery with imports worth 84.4 million euros, a further increase of 3.8% from the first 5 months of the previous year. Sales remained stable to Germany, the second-ranking market, with 25.2 million (-0.7%) and continued to grow to Canada (+12.5%, third with 24.9 million) and India (+2.1%, fourth with 24.6 million).

Among the negative notes there was a downturn in exports to three important European markets: Poland (-8%, fifth with 19.4 million), Spain (-20.1%, sixth with 19.1 million) and France (-30,9%, eighth with 18.4 million). However, these decreases were offset by upturns in sales to the United Kingdom (+7.8%, seventh with 18.7 million), Portugal (+29.4%, ninth with 17.5 million) and above all Turkey, which – after a +48.4% in 2022 – was even in the first half of 2023 one of the most dynamic markets for imports of Italian stone technologies (+34.6%, tenth with 17.3 million).