The Italian Stone Theater at Marmomac 2018


The Italian Stone Theater was created in 2015 to accommodate a project that narrates the interaction between stone, sophisticated Made in Italy processing machines and experimentation in architecture and design.

For 2018, water in relation to the solidity of stone was the common thread running through the Italian Stone Theater. For the first time, works of interior design by high-end brands were offered.

The Italian Stone Theater is highlighting the virtuous circle that is established when a strong manufacturing sector meets a world-class trade show.

The Icon Award is picked out of the works exhibited at the Theater. The work whose aesthetic impact and symbolic value can ideally become the image for the Marmomac 2019 communication campaign.

This year’s award was given to Marea by Elena Salmistraro.

Design Cumdesign – Material Pietra Leccece (Photo
Design Steven Holl – Material Onyx (Photo
Design Carlo Colombo – Material Marble Carrara (Photo
Design Doppio Pensiero – Material Marble Palissandro (Photo
Design Elena Salmistrado – Material Orobic Arabesque (Photo
Design Elena Salmistrado – Material Orobic Arabesque (Photo
Design Elena Salmistrado – Material Orobic Arabesque (Photo
Design Emanuel Gargano – Material Blue San Nicola (Photo
Design Formitalia Design Studio – Material Marble Ompra di Caravaggio (Photo
Design Francesco Faccin – Material Calacatta Michelangelo & White Carrara Michelangelo (Photo
Design Giorgio Canale – Material Moca Cream (Photo
Design Giulio Lacchetti – Material Bianco Lasa Covelano vena oro (Photo
Design Imperfettolab – Material Agglomerato di marmo (Photo
Design Jon Isherwood – Material Bardiglio (Photo
Design Moreno Ratti – Material Carrara Mix (Photo
Design Moreno Ratti – Material Carrara Mix (Photo
Design Nicolas Bertoux – Material Bardiglio (Photo
Design Paola Navone – Material Lava (Photo
Design Rio & Tito Toso – Material Pietra di Ostuni (Photo
Design Rafaello Galiotto – Material White Marble Carrara (Photo
Design Rafaello Galiotto – Material Gray Saint Laurent (Photo
Design Stefano Giovannoni – Material Black Marble Marquinia (Photo
Design Sylvestre Gauvrit – Material White Marble Carrara (Photo