Monuments glorifying mothers and motherhood

Mother and child monument made of wood

The word “mother” sounds the same in different languages, it is one of the oldest and most important words on earth. A woman gives a new life, in her belly is growing a child who will be linked with her with invisible ties all her life.

Indeed, mother is the most important person in our destiny. It is not surprising that the theme of motherhood inspires many poets, artists and sculptors.

The image of mother and child inspires the creation of real masterpieces in art. In many parts of the world, appear many monuments and sculptural compositions dedicated to motherhood.

Moms are the people who deserve monuments. So, let’s have a look at the small part of stunning sculptures dedicated to moms.

Original sculpture of Mother and Child
Creation by Chinese sculptor Zhang Yaxi
Sculptural composition symbolizing the trembling maternal care for children. Kemerovo, Russia

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