Pakistan: A group of Chinese investors showed interest in marble and granite sector

A group of Chinese investors met with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Mines and Minerals Dr. Amjad Ali in Civil Secretariat.

The CEO of International Mining company, one of the leading Chinese company, Mr Chen Jiangsu showed interest in marble and granite sector of the province. He said that the company had the capacity to increase the mechanize production of granite and marble above 100,000 ton in the province.

Minister Mines and Minerals Dr Amjad Ali said that mining sector had a huge potential of growth, and government was facilitating local and foreign investors in the province.

He added that the investment of such technology driven companies would not only increase the production of minerals in the province, but would also set an atmosphere of mechanized mining in the province.

He stated that the revenue of mineral department had been increased by 100 in last four months, and with such investment the revenue will further explode.

The Minister stated that investors would play a vital role in growth of any economy, as investment creates jobs opportunities for the local and boost revenue.