Punjab: All Pakistan Mines And Minerals Association Urges provincial Govt To Withdraw Stringent Measures For Survival

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All Pakistan Mines and Minerals Association (APMMA) Saturday asked the provincial government to withdraw stringent measures for smooth functioning of their industries.

Addressing a press conference here at a local hotel, the association chairman Mir Bahroze Baloch said the coal mines, brick kilns, marble and related transport industry had been suffering from the government’s certain policies.

“The employment of tens of thousands of the workforce is at stake,” he claimed. By imposing the Axle Load Ordinance – 2000, the government had ordered reduction in the weight carried by the loader vehicles and by doing so the expenses of transport for the mines, marble, bricks, sand and grit industries had increased manifold, he said.

According to him, the vehicles which carried between 30 to 35 ton weight had now been restricted to carry only between 15 to 17 ton weight.

Whereas, the heavier vehicles carrying between 50 to 60 ton weight had been allowed only 33 ton weight, he added.

“This will increase the cost of transport and will only burden the buyers of those construction material items,” Baloch contended.

Source: www.urdupoint.com