Saint Laurent made a simply but … «crazy» marble turntable


Saint Laurent Rive Droite collaborates with Pierre Riffaud for a great, limited edition collector’s item.

Every new season the most desired fashion brands compete to produce the most beautiful, brightest accessory or garment, the one that will make forget everything else. For autumn 2020 it seems that the race is won by Saint Laurent, who, for the Rive Droite line, has produced a very precious and rare trinket that is not worn.

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It is a turntable, with all due respect to those on the hunt for the most hype sneaker or collector’s bag. The result of the excellent collaboration with Pierre Riffaud, renowned and highly sought-after producer of the hi-fi sector of music reproduction since 1984, the table for vinyls is in marble, completed with hand-assembled components. Each piece, therefore, already in a limited edition, is practically unique.

The turntable is in manual mode only, like the beautiful pieces of the past, but it is so elegant that it is also great for just decorating. The cost is kind of astronomical, 37 thousand euros, and is available online and exclusively in the Parisian boutique of Saint Laurent Rive Droite.