Stone+tec 2024: Meeting point for the natural stone experts

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Stone+tec, the premier trade fair for stone expertise, is set to take place from Wednesday, June 19th to Saturday, June 22nd, 2024, at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Germany. This essential event serves as a central meeting point for industry leaders, showcasing the latest advancements in natural stone extraction, processing, and application.

Stone+tec offers a one-stop shop for everything related to natural stone. Attendees can expect a deep dive into the entire value chain, from the quarrying and processing of natural stone and similar materials to their final use in construction projects. The trade fair will highlight the vast potential of natural stone, showcasing its diverse processing techniques and how it can be seamlessly combined with other materials and construction chemicals to achieve stunning results.

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The event boasts a comprehensive exhibition of the machinery and tools that are essential for working with natural stone. This provides a valuable opportunity for professionals to explore the latest advancements in stone processing technology and discover equipment that can optimize their workflows.

While Stone+tec has a strong presence in the German market, its reach extends beyond national borders. The trade fair also attracts participants from neighboring countries, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange within the natural stone industry.