The importance of The Big 5/Middle East Stone for the future of the marble industry

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The continuing decline in marble block and slab exports to China is driving marble companies to increase production and exports of processed marble. Statistics from the main supplier countries in recent months confirm the noticeable drop in exports of marble blocks and slabs to China and the rise in processed marble.

However, due to inflation and high energy and transport costs, the exports shift to processed marble is more complicated than initially thought. At the same time, selecting and approaching destination countries from around the world requires planning, time and high costs from the companies while delivering questionable results.

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Participation in international exhibitions has traditionally been one of the main ways for marble companies to promote their products. The main factor for proper and efficient participation in international exhibitions is the right choice of exhibition event. The Big 5/Middle East Stone in Dubai is the largest and most important exhibition for the construction industry in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

The Big 5/Middle East Stone provides a unique opportunity for marble companies to meet new customers across the construction supply chain and learn about new and future projects across almost the entire Eastern Hemisphere, which absorbs most of the world’s processed marble exports.

According to the 2021 statistics, the share of Middle Eastern countries in the global imports of processed marble was around 22.8%, Asia’s share was 14.72%, and Africa’s share was 6.46%. Consequently, these regions account for about half of the world’s imports of processed marble.

Focusing on the Middle East, imports of processed marbles from countries in the region over the last decade have increased by 70%, leading to record imports in 2021 reaching a value of $1 billion.

The growth and stability of the construction industry in Middle Eastern countries are responsible for this boost in imports. Despite the continued rise in construction costs, there is significant activity across the region, with a new wave of projects planned in most countries with a milestone date of 2022.

At the same time, the economies of Middle Eastern countries remain resilient and await a higher rate of growth compared to the global economy.

The Big 5/Middle East Stone report is the gateway for marble companies looking for healthy markets growing against the unfavourable international environment. Participation can secure the future of business.