The Marmomac campaign celebrates the stone industry’s artistic heritage and technological advancements

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From the 26th to the 29th of September, the Marmomac 2023 campaign aims to represent the connection between natural stone art and technology and the entire natural stone industry that gathers at the yearly event in Verona.

The chosen images of Michelangelo’s David’s reconstructed bust and fragment visually represent this industry’s fusion of artistic heritage and technological advancements.

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The magenta plus shape in front of the figure symbolizes the significance of Marmomac as a global event, while the claim “Be the plus, be part of it” encourages industry professionals to engage and actively contribute to the exhibition. The campaign’s “Best Stone Trade Show” payoff remains unchanged.

The human figure in the 2023 Marmomac campaign completes a trilogy that began in 2021 with the theme of “Welcome Back” after the pandemic and continued in 2022 with an homage to Antonio Canova.

This trilogy of campaigns displaying art and human figures showcases the evolution and resilience of the natural stone industry, from its recovery after the pandemic to paying tribute to renowned artists like Canova, culminating in the representation of the connection between natural stone art and technology in the current campaign. Each year’s campaign builds upon the previous one, highlighting the industry’s progress and significance.