The success of the industry and labor: Marble İzmir Fair

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Preparations at the Marble İzmir Fair, the first export gateway of the sector, are at the final stage

İzmir fair organization, with its duties and responsibilities from its history, has established Turkey’s largest and most modern fairground, which is the pride of the city today. Marble İzmir, which has left its quarter-century age behind, is the source of power and inspiration for this success story.

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Turning into a center of attraction in terms of fair tourism with its local and foreign visitors, Marble İzmir also contributes to the city’s economy.

The idea of holding a specialized fair in the natural stone industry has a long and complicated adventure based on the Mermer Sevgi Yolu (Marble Love Road) in the Izmir International Fair (IEF). While the developments in the world were directing the sectors to specialized fairs, the natural stone sector seemed to be a sub-sector beginning to develop within the general trade fair. Mermer Sevgi Yolu (Marble Love Road) prepared within the IEF, paved the way for the natural stone sector to begin its development. In 1989, 1990 and 1991, the first cemre (Harbinger of spring season) fell into the heart of the industry with the activities under the name of “Marble Days”, where ministers attended to and guests from abroad made presentations.

From Kültürpark to Fuarizmir

With the Mining Law enacted in 1985, investment assurance was given to the sector. With this assurance, production was possible. In addition, İzmir and Marble İzmir Fair made significant contributions to Turkish marble business. In the first year of Marble İzmir Fair, which brought the natural stone industry to Kültürpark for the first time in 1995, the total natural stone exports were 77 million dollars, and now, with the contribution of the fair, Turkey’s natural stone exports have increased to 2 billion dollars. Marble İzmir Fair has become the heart of Turkey’s natural stone exports. In the last 10 years, natural stone exports have contributed approximately 20 billion dollars to the Turkish economy. Marble İzmir Fair, which started with 47 local exhibitors in Kültürpark and hosted 4 thousand 719 people, did not fit into its existing place in 2005. Thanks to Marble, Turkey has the largest and most modern fairgrounds in line with international standards. In 2015, the opening of Fuarizmir was held together with the Marble İzmir Fair. This area, which has brought an international brand value to İzmir in fair organization, has been one of the contributions of Marble İzmir to the city.

The sector and the fair developed each other

The fair, which has reached 1,100 exhibitors from 47 exhibitors and 77 thousand visitors from 4 thousand visitors in 25 years, contributes to closing the foreign trade deficit of the country. The sector and Marble İzmir Fair have reached these figures together in 25 years. The sector and the fair developed each other. There is an extraordinary agenda going on around the world. This agenda deeply affects the country’s economy as well as the sector and the fair. The most efficient way out of these difficult days is to create a common mind and increase trade. Marble İzmir Fair will be a great trade opportunity for the sector in this period.

The countdown has begun!

The countdown has begun for the 26th Marble İzmir Fair. Marble İzmir, which is among the fairs postponed due to the pandemic, is experiencing the excitement of to be opened in Fuarizmir on August 25-28. With the acceleration of vaccination processes in Turkey, visitors from many parts of the world are expected to come to the fair. All registered Hosted Buyer program buyers stated that they will attend the fair if the pandemic conditions allow. The fair, which will be enriched with the International Stone Congress, the World Stone Summit, the Different Design Competition, virtual reality experiences, travel and event programs, is getting ready to bring dynamism to the sector again by stepping up a gear.

Preparations are in the final stage

Regarding the fair installation processes, the final stage has been reached. The demands of new companies exhibiting processed products indoors were responded to. Allocations in the field of processed products, machinery and construction equipment have been completed. Block area allocations will continue throughout the operation and installation.