Unveiling the Beauty of White Marble in the Blanc Showroom

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An ethereal and seemingly endless dimension, the dominance of white in all its candid contrasts of purity, the depth of a space that, depending on the time of day, is revealed by light in all its secret facets: we are not talking about paradise, but it’s close.

Antic Colonial’s Blanc showroom, built in Villareal by architect firm Fran Silvestre, is an environment that, thanks to extensive studies in the use of white marble, seems to encapsulate another universe, with unique and heavenly features. Let’s discover them together!

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the use of white marbles

The project is based on the use of two different types of white marble, distinguished on their surfaces by slightly grayish veins and three types of finishes. Both polished, brushed and sandblasted, they interact in such a way as to create numerous small contrasts that make the space, almost entirely white, vibrant, dynamic and diverse in its details.

However, the general idea of continuity that characterizes the room remains untouched: the mirror mounted on the lower part of the wall at the end of the room contributes to its depth, to the point that its pure white expanses seem endless. Further marble elements emerge from them on the left side: these are blocks, obviously white, the result of precise stereotomic studies, which, being combined with geometric rigor, give the project an elegant and measured order, in which marble acts as the unbreakable master.

effects of natural and artificial light

Another aspect that makes Fran Silvestre Studio’s project worthy of further study is the interaction of the various marble complexes with light. And it could not be otherwise given the choice to use exclusively white marble, known for its lighting enhancing capabilities.

When natural daylight illuminates the room, the whiteness of the marble shines vividly and brightly, reflecting the sun’s rays in a continuous play of light involving all surfaces. If it’s night and darkness has fallen, on the other hand shadows seem to take possession of the room, before being immediately interrupted by shining lines with a memorable aesthetic effect: spaces filled with backlighting systems have been hollowed out in the stone, which with their warm, almost golden tones make the marble shine even in the darkness.

the study

To complete an architectural project such as this, several spatial and geometric studies were carried out, from which the effectiveness of the lighting also benefited.

Stereotomy, or the art of cutting solids in order to concretize previously thought-out structures, lies behind every marble piece that makes up the Blanc Showroom: no block is placed randomly or crudely, because each one was created and then placed on the basis of in-depth geometric studies. This also gave the room a better rendering of perspective, with the mirror at the bottom of the wall at the end of the room managing to give that idea of continuous depth.

Source: www.marmomac.com