Algeria Aims to Boost Marble Exports to 1 Million Tonnes Annually by 2025

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Algeria, a country with rich marble reserves, is aiming to significantly strengthen its presence in the global market. The Algerian government has set a target of increasing marble exports to 1 million tonnes per year by 2025, implementing various strategies to achieve this ambitious goal.

Today, Algeria produces around 1 million tonnes of marble annually, with exports reaching approximately 500,000 tonnes. The country boasts a variety of marble varieties, including White Fiorito, Cream Fiorito, Numidian Cream, Rosso Lepanto, and Gris Breccia, which are highly sought after in various international markets.

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Achieving the target of increasing marble exports to 1 million tonnes per year by 2025 is expected to bring significant benefits to the country’s economy. Strengthening the marble industry will lead to:

  • Increased export revenue: The increase in the volume of marble exports will generate higher revenues from sales in foreign markets, boosting the country’s economic growth.
  • Job creation: The development of the marble industry will lead to the creation of new jobs in various sectors, from marble extraction and processing to transportation and trade.
  • Enhanced local development: The strengthening of the marble industry will have a positive impact on local communities, contributing to infrastructure development and improving living standards.

To achieve its goal, the Algerian government is implementing various strategies, including:

  • Providing investment incentives: The government is offering tax incentives and other facilities to investors who want to venture into the marble industry.
  • Improving infrastructure: The government is investing in upgrading ports and road networks, facilitating the transportation of marble to export ports.
  • Training skilled personnel: The government is implementing training programs to develop skilled personnel in the marble industry.
  • Promoting Algerian marble in international markets: Algeria is participating in international exhibitions and organizing trade missions to promote its marble in foreign markets.

The implementation of these strategies, combined with rich marble reserves and government support, puts Algeria on track to becoming a significant player in the global marble market by 2025. The country has all the necessary ingredients to achieve its goal; however, success will depend on the effective implementation of the strategies in place and on addressing any challenges that may arise.