Amazing Architectural Interiors and Detailed Objects Carved into Raw Marble Blocks

Elevation VI Rooke Chapel

Artist Matthew Simmonds has carved out a unique career for himself. Inspired by a lifelong interest in stone buildings, the Copenhagen-based sculptor is known for his exquisite marble models of sacred architecture.

Unlike most architectural maquettes of churches, cathedrals, and other buildings, Simmonds’ small-scale sculptures are not free-standing models. Instead, they exist within raw slabs of stone, where they “reveal intricate internal worlds” that are alluringly ethereal yet inherently grounded in earthly shells. The contrast between the finely carved models and the rough marble symbolically touches on “the relationship between nature and human endeavor”—a key aspect of Simmonds’ practice.

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Romanesque Stone II
Essay in Perpendicular
Fragment VIII
Ambulatory III
Essay in Baroque Space II
Elevation III Trend Cathedral
Elevation VI Rooke Chapel