Architects Talk opens the two-day Architects Show 3

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The two-day architectural event, Architects Show 3, opens its doors today, during which the “Architects Talk” conference by will talk place. The main theme of this year’s conference is “Exploring the Unknown”.

Architects Talk

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The stages of the Architects Talk conference will take place in six sections. During the two-day event, some of the leading names in the Greek and foreign fields of architecture will be on the stage to discuss various topics. The discussions of the conference will have one central axis: the relationship of architecture with other sectors, such as tourism and the real estate market, but also its context in everyday life.

Among other things, top architects and senior executives in the marble industry will discuss topics such as: 

  • Architecture and design
  • Sustainability and environmental impact
  • The reuse of quarries in a societal dialogue


Sunday, the conference’s second day, is dedicated to materials, climate change and investing in Greece. The panels on construction materials will focus specifically on marble and aluminium.

Sustainability, design possibilities, and technology will be examined in connection to aluminium and marble. In Greece, marble and aluminium have contributed for years to the construction industry and, to this day, bring the country to the highest positions in international exports.

The future

This year’s “Exploring the Unknown” conference aims to investigate architecture’s role in a rapidly changing social, economic, and political reality in the COVID-19 era.

However, apart from this goal, the relationship between marble and architecture, at multiple levels, is also worth considering. The marble industry has already a significant presence in the field of architecture. However, there is room for expansion of this relationship. More specifically, to reach the level of direct communication with the architects themselves – who are esteemed members of the construction industry.

The dialogue that opens today at the two-day conference of Architects Show 3, through both the topics of the panels and the speakers, is extremely important for the future of the coexistence of the two sectors. The next goal is to implement practices that will make the cooperation between the architecture and construction industries and the marble industry even more productive.