Brazil’s exports of finished natural stone products in 2018

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Brazil closed 2018 among the largest countries in the production and export of natural stones and their products and maintained a prominent global position.

The strength of the Brazilian natural stone sector continues to be high in the international market. Data from the Brazilian Association of Ornamental Rocks (Abirochas) indicate that Brazil occupies the 4th position among the countries that produced the most natural stones, accounting for 7% of the world’s production of the natural stones sector. United States, China and Italy, respectively, maintained the leadership.

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Stonetech banner ad, after studying the statistical results* of the International Trade Centre, the UN Comtrade and the National Statistical Institutes, is presenting Brazil’s exports of finished natural stone products (value and quantity of exports) in 2018 based on the main HS Codes and their changes between 2017 and 2018.

As presented at the table above, in 2018, the highest value of exports as well as the largest amount of exported products, were both was achieved on HS Code 680293, which amounted $ 468.16 million in value.

In 2018, compared to 2017, there was a decrease in export value, quantity and unit value at the top HS Code 680293 category. The highest fall in value of exports was recorded on HS Code 680210 by -35.75%, followed by HS Code 680221 with -30.67%.

The highest growth in export value was recorded on HS Code 680299 by 43.77%, followed by HS Code 680223 which increased only by 2.25%. The highest growth in quantity of exports was recorded at HS Code 680210 by 167.11%, followed by HS Code 680299, which increased by 38.52%.

The US remain the traditional destination of exports of Brazilian natural stone products, absorbing about 80% of the total value of exports.

*Due to consistent data flow, statistics may alter during the year