Daniel Arsham’s post-apocalyptic Porsche

Ever wondered what a Porsche 911 would look like if it was caught up in a Volcanic eruption and buried for hundreds of years? Artist Daniel Arsham has, and the resulting sculpture will be sold by Phillips in July…

Daniel Arsham’s decaying, intricately crystallised apocalyptic universe of the distant future is an entrancing place, filled with culture-defining artefacts of the past, eroded not beyond recognition but having clearly been at the mercy of the elements for a very long time.

‘Future relics’ to have received the Arsham treatment include the DMC DeLorean, the Game Boy, a can of Heinz tomato soup and Vogue magazine. His latest work envisages the most famous sports car of them all, the Porsche 911, as the victim of one of the most devastating natural disasters: a volcanic eruption. Crafted from volcanic ash, pyrite and selenite, the gouged body of the 991-generation 911’s is so compelling and a fascinating study at the fringes of the worlds of fiction and reality.

The news that Phillips will be auctioning this post-apocalyptic Porsche at its 20th Century & Contemporary Art and Design Day Sale in Hong Kong on 9 July will no doubt pique the interest of collectors.

Photos courtesy of Phillips © 2020

Source: www.classicdriver.com