Italian exports of machinery and equipment during the first seven months of 2023

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In the first seven months of 2023, the value of Italian exports of machines, tools and other equipment for the processing of natural stone increased by 2.6% compared to the same period of the previous year.

If we consider the “top ten” of the main buyers of Italian machinery and equipment, our sales increased in India by 27.5% (2), in Germany by 0.2% (3), in Canada by 20% (4), in Portugal by 24.3% (7), in U.K. by 0.8% (8) and in Turkey by 17.6% (10) while they decreased, in the United States by -5.3% (1), in Spain by -37.3% (5), in Poland by -15.3% (6) and in France by -30.3% (9).

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Out of the ranking of the top ten countries investing in Italian technology is Brazil, which in terms of investments in Italian machinery and equipment in this period has been overtaken by all the other countries just mentioned (Brazil -36.8%).

It’s important to remember that in the first 7 months of 2023, the Italian export of Italian machinery and equipment to the United States (1) was more than 3 times the exports to India (2) and about 3.3 times the exports to Germany (3).

Source: Markets Trends Analysis Office CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE Association