John Papagiannoulis Bros SA celebrates its 60th anniversary at Marmomac with two spaces, showcasing blocks and slabs

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John Papagiannoulis Bros SA will once again welcome clients, partners, and friends at its booth in Marmomac, Verona, celebrating a special occasion, the company’s 60th anniversary.

The company will showcase at the Outdoor Area D – Stand D8 its signature JPAPA blocks from its owned quarries in Volakas and Thassos and introduce new, select materials from Greece. This year, apart from blocks, the company will also present Thassos slabs at a new location (Outdoor Area D – D576).

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With a long tradition in high-quality marble, a history in sourcing unique marble varieties from all over Greece, and a guarantee of forming and maintaining excellent relationships with partners and clients, John Papagiannoulis Bros SA has built an influential brand name synonymous with quality and trust across the world.

Visitors of Marmomac will have the opportunity to find John Papagiannoulis Bros SA products at the exhibition from September 27 to 30.

A few words about the company

John Papagiannoulis Bros SA, founded in 1962, specializes in natural stone extraction, processing, and trade. With a focus on quality and trust, John Papagiannoulis Bros SA is a leading company in the natural stone industry on a global level, setting trends and constantly exploring new markets. John Papagiannoulis Bros S.A. was founded by three brothers and is proud of its family history and origin story, with the second and third generations of the family working closely towards the strengthening and growth of the company.

The company’s signature material, known under the abbreviation JPAPA for its impeccable quality and unique features, is sought after for prestigious projects worldwide.

The company’s activities, 95% of which are from the international market, include the extraction of marble blocks from its quarries in Volakas and Thassos, as well as the production of slabs, tiles, and specialized processing in the premises of the company plant in Athens. In addition, John Papagiannoulis Bros SA supplies slabs and tiles of various types of marble and granite for special projects.

Achieving the milestone of 60 years of operation, the company moves forward to new peaks, investing in its machinery equipment at its quarries in Volakas and Thassos and factory in Athens, focusing on the evolution, development and education of employees, establishing strong partnerships and with an extrovert direction, participating at multiple fairs.