The international Marmomac exhibition brought a new agreement for the company Marchetti Tech

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The Italian company Marchetti Tech had a very strong presence during the international exhibition “Marmomac” in Verona and many people visited its pavillion to discover the characteristics of the new graphene paints Grafy-Tech. The company redeemed its strong presence with new agreements with customers, many new contracts were signed, while stands out a new collaboration with the company Matec Industries.

In numbers the new deals are a record number for Marchetti Tech, as they reach one million euros. More important, as we mentioned, is the one with Matec Industries for the supply of Grafy-Tech paints for water purification and filtration plants.

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The latter is a leading company in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment and filtration systems in many sectors, such as mining, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, cement, ceramics, glass and plastic.

Matec has also extended the use of graphene paints to Alfa Pompe, which since 1971 has been designing and manufacturing centrifugal pumps for turbid water from industrial processes and for acidic liquids.

“We have accepted the MATEC challenge. Its machines are already excellent and are bought by major companies – so we considered it our duty to protect its machines for years to come, “said Marchetti Tech CEO Joseph Anthony Miceli. Matec Industries CEO Matteo Goich, for his part, said: “Resources allow us to select strategic partners with whom we achieve goals above any other competitor. Marchetti Tech Graphene paints were developed together with our technicians tailored to the needs of our customers”.