US Finished Marble Products Imports from Brazil: 2019 First Half Growth

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Brazil is one of the main countries involved in the natural stones industry game. More specifically, it is one of the largest exporters of natural stones worldwide, after China, Italy and India, accounting for 7% of the world’s production of the rock sector. The “Holy Spirit” marble remained in the hegemony of the main Brazilian exporting state in 2018, accounting for 791,3 million of exports, equivalent to 79.37% of the country’s total turnover. With more than 1,000 types of stones and colors (more than 500 varieties for commercial use), Brazil is the main supplier for the USA. 

At the following table you can see the growth rate of the US imports of finished marble products from Brazil both in value and in quantity. based on the HS tariff code system and the data have been derived by United States Census Bureau and edited by

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As seen at the table, the value of US imports of finished marble products from Brazil as well as the quantity of exports followed an upward trend in every month of the first half of 2019. More specifically, the largest growth rate in export value was noted in March (58.64%), reflecting to a 93.81% increase in quantity of exports. On the contrary, the lowest increase in export value occurred in February (10.04%), while the smallest but still an increase in quantity of exports was recorded in April (10.27%).

*Due to consistent data flow, statistics may alter during the year