Afghanistan: Nangarhar marble stones reach international markets

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Officials at the Nangarhar Department of Industry and Commerce say that the province’s factories process more than 30,000 tons of marble a year, and that Nangarhar marble has entered international markets.

According to the department, the marble is processed by 16 different factories in Nangarhar province and exported to Italy, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan, as well as to other provinces.

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Mohammad Hassan Mohsen, Nangarhar’s director of trade and industry, says the investment in the factories, located in the Sheikh Masri industrial town and the 7th police district of Jalalabad, will reach $30 million.

The head of trade and industry of Nangarhar province added that these factories process more than 30,000 tons of marble in a year.

Meanwhile, factory owners in Nangarhar province have complained about electricity shortages, saying that if the power problems of their factories are fundamentally addressed, their production will increase to European and Asian countries.