Architects Talk, 11 & 12 December at The Architect Show 3 in Athens, Greece

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The two-day conference “Architects Talk” by will be held during the leading architectural event “the Architect Show 3”. This year’s theme, “Exploring the unknown”, expresses the need to reflect on architecture and its role in a rapidly changing social, economic and political reality in the covid-19 era.

Saturday 11/12 with Top Greek Architects

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On Saturday, December 11, 6 sections gather on the stage of “Architects Talk” representatives of leading architectural offices. The speeches start with the “Invisible architecture” panel, in which the architectural competitions will be discussed, as well as the projects that, although not implemented, leave good ideas as a legacy. Following is the “Hotels and Resorts” panel, especially important at a time when tourism investment is at its peak. An increase has also been observed in private homes, which are changing due to the needs of the new phygital era we are going through, as will be discussed in “Leisure Architecture”.

The panel “The future of workspace”, will present the proposals for the offices of the future – wherever they are. The following is the dialogue about the “new apartment building” and its place in a modern, democratic metropolis. The day ends with the panel “Storytelling design”, dedicated to the ephemeral design through art installations, pop up constructions and stylized commercial concepts.

Some of the architects who will talk about architecture on Saturday are Tsambikos Petras, Katerina Vassilakou, Angeliki Atianasiadou, George Mitroulias, Elias Papageorgiou, Konstantinos Pantazis, Ria Vogiatkas, Katzantas Tantzas , Sotiris Tsergas, Aristidis Dallas, Tatiana Kouppa, Giannis Douridas, Sotiris Anifantis, Stella, Pieris, Dimitris Moustroufis, Marika Mavroleon, Panos Parthenios, George Tsolakis, Maria Papafigou, Dimitris Kafios, Dimitris Mara Pap, Loukas Bobotis, Eleni Tsirintani, Marianna Athanasiadou, George Batzios, Konstantinos Lambrinopoulos, John Veikos, Michel Mossessian, Peter Murray and Elias Messinas.

On the same day, there will be two discussions on the real estate market, coordinated by lawyer Marcel Kremer, from the Cremer & Partners office.

Sunday 12/12 with intrnational guests

On Sunday, December 12, the first international guest on “Architects Talk” is the legendary architect Peter Murray, curator of the New London Architecture Forum, pioneer of the London Festival of Architecture that started as the Clerkenwell Architecture Biennale in 2004 and curator of some of the most important exhibitions of recent years. 40 years old at the Royal Academy.

Also from London, the “Architects Talk” stage will be visited by the architect Michel Mossessian, who has designed, among other things, the winning proposal for the new NATO headquarters and various landmark buildings in London, such as the 5 Merchant Square in Paddington, the occupied by Marks & Spencer, and the S1 and S2 buildings at King’s Cross, one of which will house Google Deepmind offices. Motivated by his vision of creating culturally responsive architecture, he has worked at the World Heritage Site in Medina, Fez, Morocco, and is deeply interested in cultural localism and architecture that deals with far more than the buildings themselves. He is currently a visiting professor at Imperial College London where he lectures on how architecture affects prosperity.

Third international guest, Leon Avigad visionary hotelier who leads Brown Hotels from Israel, currently investing 300 million euros in Greece, in the hospitality sector. Leon will speak and explain why he chose to invest in the country and will share his vision for the transformation of Omonia into a cultural and creative destination, as 12 hotels of his group will operate in the area.