“Chiaro Scuro”: The complex simplicity of a collection born of contrasts

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The absolute contrast of two colors, the sheen of white marble that is drawn by the dark. The volumes of white marble seem to be crafted from a material with a black core, white only on the surface. In this collection, the elegant design of estudio arqué products is combined with the technological processing capabilities of Venturini Marmi, to create these elements made of white marble from our Faggetta quarry, enriched with contrasting black details.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor

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In the world of art and design, chiaroscuro is a fascinating technique that has captivated the imagination of artists for as long as we can think of. As its name describes it “Dark” and “Light”, chiaroscuro refers to the interplay of light and shadow in a composition, creating a striking contrast that adds depth, drama, and visual interest.

Just like in an oil painting, where the balance between light and dark can be the defining characteristic of a masterpiece, the techniques of chiaroscuro have served as inspiration for latest collection of bespoke furniture and claddings. This collection aims to enhance the timeless elegance of white marble pieces, accentuated by the addition of meticulously crafted black details.

Imagine a luxurious bathroom space decorated with a bespoke carved sink, crafted from black and white marble, where the combination of both creates an illusion of the white marble of faggeta quarry coming out of a dark granite core. The contrast between the dark hues and the brilliant white areas creates a chiaroscuro effect, drawing the eye to emphasising the beauty of the Faggetta materials.

This interplay of light and shadow created not by light but by elevated craftsmanship techniques, becomes a simple but also complex design element itself, it seems as if there where casts soft shadows across the marble’s surface, enhancing the textural richness and accentuating the depth of the patterns. The juxtaposition of light and dark creates a dynamic visual experience that transforms a simple furniture piece into a glamorous captivating work of art.

Source: www.marmomac.com